Training Options/Costs

I began my personal training career in 2001 working with atheletes and teaching the art of kettlebell training since 2005. I have experience training people from all different ages, fitness levels and backgrounds. My mission with SOS is to help others increase mobility, strength and fitness, discover self-awareness and develop movement quality for the pursuit of personal improvement. It’s my pleasure to work for you!

Strength and Fitness Training for Everyone!

Group Training

Athletic Performance Conditioning – We start with a dynamic warmup followed by, locomotion drills, calesthenics and flexibility exercises designed to increase agility, body control, speed and overall fitness. Great for teams!

Kettlebell Strength & Fitness – You’ll get a mix of calesthenics and weighted exercises (usually kettlebell) that improve strength, mobility, cardio and flexibility. This training increases fat loss, strength and conditioning more efficiently than any other tool.  A great way to learn a lifetime fitness modality.

Private Personal Training

Get consistency and customization with specialized training and nutrition education designed to help your reach your personal goals. Flexibility of scheduling with accountability to help you make long term realistic lifestyle changes.


Group Training

1 / $20

10 / $150 ($15)

Private Personal Training

1 / $60

10 / $500

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