When done correctly kettlebell swings are an awesome exercise to shred fat while placing minimal amounts of stress on the joints. Here is a look at a lesser know variation of the swing with the bell on the outside of the feet. With KB swings on the outside, you’ll feel much more work going on in the quads and delts as well as the posterior chain and abdonminals. You also have to brace the postural stabilizing muscles on the non weighted side a lot more. Make sure to extend the hips back as if sitting in a chair while sticking your chest out. Pay attention to the bell line especially as it travels past the knee; to help protect the knee you can cheat the toe inward on the working side to help guide it away from the bell. As with all swings, your limitations should be grip and cardiovascular endurance; so choose a weight that will challenge you without compromising form and technique or get with an experienced kettlebell instructor to show you how.

[youtube lANoaH7gD1Q nolink]

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