the sos philosophy

SOS KETTLEBELL is dedicated to the improvement of health, fitness and performance through commitment to movement quality, strength and education.  Our focus is teaching you the fundamentals of exercise to make you a stronger, healthier person. Classes are kept small to provide you with more personal attention. We believe each training session is an opportunity to get better and educate ourselves to work toward living a better life.

sos kettlebell logo for about us page
sos kettlebell logo for about us page
joint mobility
WHAT IS JOINT MOBILITY? Joint mobility is our warm up routine before every class. It involves reclaiming or maintaining the natural range of motion of our joints. Mobility is the base for health and fitness; you are not going to be truly healthy without mobility.  Our mobility routine offers insight to movement compensations and areas of the body that need attention. You cannot get stronger if you are lacking mobility or flexibility. Mobility is directly related to your quality of life, success in athletic endeavors or possibly life or death. Mobility exercises will reverse the effects of aging on the joints, improve movement, range of motion and performance.  Maintaining and improving mobility is important and necessary for quality of life.
why kettlebells?

Kettlebells are a fun, safe, highly effective fitness tool.  There is no plateauing. You can always do more technical lifts, go for longer periods, do more reps, go heavier or work with 2 bells.  When used safely and correctly, they address all your requirements for promoting health and fitness as well as improve athletic performance. Training with kettlebells provides total conditioning; strengthens joints, tendons & ligaments, improves balance, coordination, mobility all while building and promoting lean muscle especially through the torso. Kettlebell training is also very effective at BURNING FAT in a recent study by ACE participants burned 20 calories per minute during a kettlebell workout. That’s 1200 calories per hour!

benefits of kettlebell training

  • Improved strength
  • Incredible work capacity (strength endurance)
  • Enhanced athleticism – flexibility, coordination, balance etc.
  • Weight loss
  • Injury prevention
  • Mental toughness
  • Lean & functional muscle mass
  • Strengthening of the entire posterior chain
  • Core strength
  • Sport and combat applications

the benefits of "body weight training"

Body weight training involves the muscles of the whole body and burns a higher amount of body fat. They are believed to be an ideal form of human exercise not only by the modern science fraternity but also by our wise & visionary ancestors. They not only provide substantial micro & macro muscle-work but also exhibit outstanding benefits to heart & lung health.  It has been shown that body weight training has a positive effect on development of human brain, its cognitive capacity & memory.
why it’s perfect for you

WHO TRAINS AT SOS?  Anyone at any age. Men and women from mid teens to baby boomers and everyone in between. People new to exercise, athletes, law enforcement, black belts, trainers, coaches, physical therapists, runners, fighters and fitness enthusiasts. People hampered with repetitive motion stress, gym rats injured from their old body building routines, stay at home moms, students, business and hard working individuals.

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